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Marble Surface

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek at my stuff! 


In a nutshell:

I am a wife, mother, partner, best friend, and three-time cancer survivor.  As such, I find inspiration in almost everything I see, but especially in nature. I picked up a camera in 2012 while recovering from breast cancer and would go into the beautiful Florida marshes and forests (and even swamps) to photograph the vast array of wildlife.  When the pandemic hit, most of the wildlife preserves I would visit to photograph wildlife shut down.  So I decided I would paint using my photographs as reference.  It was also during this time that I received my third and most serious cancer diagnosis.  I am now cancer free (once again) and spend most of my time doing the things that helped me heal and got me through that – photography and art.  I find great joy in spreading my love and the healing power of art and photography.


I am a mixed-media artist who loves learning new techniques that add interesting twists that I never imagined.  In art, anything and everything is possible.

I am closing my studio indefinitely to help my husband battle a Stage IV cancer diagnosis.  During this time, you can still purchase art from my website or directly from me.  

Ciao,  Vicki




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